Madeleine von Froomer is a performance and multi-media artist living and working in New York.  She was raised on a blueberry farm in Mississippi, spent her teenage years in New Orleans, and received a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art.  She designed womenswear for the fashion brands Proenza Schouler and Sophomore for 8 years, before leaving her career in order to fully expand her art practice both politically and aesthetically.   She explores her own experience as a woman in America and the relationship between its culture and her sexual identity & female body.

Select Exhibitions:

2014 performance: History Lesson: A Sensual and Pecuniary re-telling of the OJ Simpson Murder and Trial, Cutlog Art Fair, New York NY
2014 Girls Only, Girls Only Residency Program, Brooklyn NY
2014 Sex Ed, Analog Dreamscape, Los Angeles CA
2013 Autour de Frederique Bruly-Bouabre, T&T Art Contemporain, Guadeloupe
2013 performance: Artist of the Day, Standard Spa, Miami Beach, FL
2013 Ladygirl Sings the Blues, New Material Art Fair: Juried New Media Selection, Miami Beach, FL
2013 performance: Make You Feel Like a Virgin Again, Big Dick’s House of Big Boobs, Los Angeles CA
2012 Map of Tasmania, Lux/Eros, Los Angeles CA